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18 Fallout icons!

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Carp approved!

18 Fallout icons!

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fallout-is that a tree
I honestly don't know where this came from. I just really felt like iconating Fallout again, for some reason...

While I anxiously wait to get my hands on Fallout 3, here's some nostalgia for you fellow gamers!

The last batch of Fallout icons can be found here.

[18] Fallout & Fallout II


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17 18

  • Lovin' these icons! Great job on'em :D will use some myself.
  • Good job!

    #10 is also "Kiss my shiny ass!" :-D
  • Saved! I need 07 immediately.

    While I anxiously wait to get my hands on Fallout 3...

    I have a question... When do you want to play? :D If you're not waiting until you can buy the PC version or something crazy like that, you could just drag your arse over here and get started! *cue the "i has it, i has it!" dork dance*
    • ...You have Fallout 3? How did I miss that? Was it on the news? Do I have a hearing disability? When can I play? :D :D

      Say... I was going to call you anyway, but do you happen to be busy tomorrow? I was originally thinking X-Files seasons 4-5, but Fallout 3 would be awesomeness, too!
      • I got it this morning, so you haven't missed any special news bulletins. Bought it almost by accident! I wasn't planning on getting it today, but I just happened to walk by a shop where 360 games were 10% off... You know how it is. Resistance was pretty much pointless. (Should I mention it was the fourth shop I just happened to walk into and that the three first ones were all out of the 360 version? Um.)

        X-Files would've been great, but Fallout 3 can't wait any longer! When can you come? I'm home around two. Bring Orpheus with you, so I have something to hold in my grasp while you have the game controller. In fact, it might be the only way you can ease out the controller out of my death grip! ;D
        • This morning! Oh, the joyride you must be on! :D

          If three-ish is okay, I'm so there! No lectures tomorrow, in any case. And under no circumstances am I going to keep you from taking your game's virginity - I'll be happy to watch over your shoulder and squee. But I'll bring the Ghost Book, just in case.

          I just installed Fallout 1 for the first time in ages, but it keeps crashing when I play it. Hmph. I bet I can find a way to blame Vista, somehow. :/
          • I've had teeny tiny adjustment problems (the colours are all wroooooong!), but generally I'm over the moon! V.A.T.S. seems to work nicely, which was my biggest surprise. And don't think I'm inviting you here just to watch a game you're itching to play, that's a form of torture I condone only when it's administered to younger siblings.

            For me, Fallout 1 required Win95 emulation the last time I played it. It kept crashing on Win98 emulation. I don't even know if you can do a switch like that on Vista. Boy oh boy do I appreciate my dual boot. Did you know that you can also dual boot Vista and XP? They've got guides on the internets. It's one way to go, if Vista insists on being a whiny bitch.

            Until tomorrow!
            • Oh noes! Wrongness in colours! And I do love my postapocalyptic palette so. :/ Well, as far as complaints go, that's still pretty minor... Hardly noticable, even, if this. Wasn't. FALLOOOOUT. *kicks someone into a pit*

              And don't think I'm inviting you here just to watch a game you're itching to play, that's a form of torture I condone only when it's administered to younger siblings.

              As irony would have it, my younger sibling is probably already playing the game, what with the 360 and everything... (That's been taken back to the shop for repairs twice, but I'm still vaguely dissatisfied with the fact that my little brother's Box of X is more advanced than mine. I taught him nerdiness too well! Strewth!)

              Win95? Oh thank fluffy, that must be it. The installation and everything worked on Win98, and I think it was recommended on the site where I got the patches from, so I just went with it... This'll help immensely. Thank you. I are way too quick in my flailing and panicking.

              One of these days I'm going to nerdnap someone to take care of the comp for me. Sigh. All the hassle. Cannot cope. *backhandforehead*

              Bis morgen! :D
    • Great icons! Just wanted to say - the PC version came out on the pc on the same day it came out for xbox and all. I have it on my pc and have to fight the urge to play constantly.
      • Thank you! :)

        I'm not so sure if my computer is up to the task... But it's good to have friends with 360s. ;)

        Edited at 2008-11-19 03:56 pm (UTC)
  • #14 is love. :D Will credit!
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