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Icons by NeekerBreeker

Jurassic Park 3 icons!

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Carp approved!

Jurassic Park 3 icons!

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These dinosaurs walked right out of the mist. I have no idea why, but I felt like iconing some slashy goodness from Jurassic Park III again.

Cross-posted to alan_billy. /community pimp

[20] Jurassic Park III (Alan/Billy)


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  • he he he
    tuli taas mieleen, ettei Miila ole vielä nähnyt Jurassic Parkia, lataankin sen nyt.
  • Pretty! Shiny! Took 1,7,17 (Do I see a funny number joke here?) and will credit. Thank you.
  • Awesome icons.

    ~ sera
  • These are super. I really want to take all of them! But in particular, 1, 5, 14 and 17. 17 is really cuter than it should be.
  • Lovely icons!!!
  • Oooh! These are lovely! Let's just assume I took all of them, ok? :D I'll credit when I use 'em.
  • Oh, I love the new layout. <333
    I'm so glad this comm is starting to live again. :D
  • Snagging 6! :D These are awesome!
  • Snagged #19, will credit. :)
  • Alan/Billy Yay! And Sam Neil is always great. Too tired to comment coherntly anymore so I will browse the rest of your icons another time.

    So many icons...not enough time...or LJ space...lol
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