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Icons by NeekerBreeker

More praise for the Topps X-Files comics!

NeekerBreeker's Iconjournal

Carp approved!

More praise for the Topps X-Files comics!

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steampunk gentleman
Gosh, it's been an age and a half. Well, here are some new icons at last, more from my Topps X-Files comics collection.

The art is by Charles Adlard (#1-2) and John Van Fleet (#3-22). If you want an icon angel to get his wings, please make sure to give the artists their due credit!

[22] The X-Files (Topps Comics Art)


01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22

  • Wow, these are awesome! I've never seen this artwork before. Took 2 and 5, thanks!
  • Oh! I love those! :D I love XF comics and the icons are amazing!
    I snatched A LOT! Will credit when used :D
  • these are so cool. taking a bunch. will credit! thank you!
  • these are gorgeous! (and unique!) thanks so much for sharing!! I love 12, 16 and 19. :D
  • These are so awesome! Snagging a few :D
  • OMG these are so cool! Keep 'em coming!
  • Awesome!
    *If* I snag, will credit.
  • These are great. Taking a few from this post and the covers post. Will credit. Thanks!
  • Late to the party! I can't believe I found these. Saving many.
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