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Icons by NeekerBreeker

NeekerBreeker's Iconjournal
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This is the iconjournal of skinship (NeekerBreeker, or just Neeks), who one day realised that she has a whole crapload of icons and no particular place to put them in. They're not the prettiest in the whole wide web, but I like to think they don't break a lot of brains.

Everything you see here is free for taking. Grab it and run. I do have a few rules, but they're nothing extraordinary. ONE: no hotlinkery. I mean it. No no no. TWO: don't claim my icons as yours. I'm not Captain Tightpants when it comes to giving credit, but it is polite, and also helpful - if you see someone using an icon you like, you most likely want to know where s/he got it. But as long as you don't go around saying you made my icons, I'm all happiness and rainbows. You can credit either koicons (preferrable) or my personal journal, skinship.

I accept requests, as long as they involve my fandoms.

The carps in the header and default icon are by Hokusai, in case you're interested.

Affiliates: redwineandroses, offbeat_upbeat, kahavi
If you want to be an affiliate, just leave a comment.

After a long while, I finally decided to start using other people's textures, mostly just because I ran into soaked's graphics. Nowadays I also use textures by offbeat_upbeat.

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